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Integrations / Xero


Pry integrates with Xero to sync with your accounting data through API access. Our API is a secure connection that doesn't share password data and can be revoked at anytime via the Xero.

Once synced, your financial data will be categorized in a familiar manner.

Data Flow

Pry syncs with your General Ledger on Xero. Your chart of accounts and your transactions will be synced to Pry.

It's a one-way sync from Xero to Pry, Pry does not revert any changes back to Xero. Any changes on your Xero account will be reflected on Pry when the next sync is triggered.

Connect with Xero

To connect your Xero account to Pry, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Get Started page.
  2. Update your project name. Save and continue.
  3. Click Sync with Xero and follow the Xero authentication process.

  1. Log in to Xero.

  1. Select the organization you want to connect to and click Allow Access.

  1. Your Xero data will now be synced on Pry.

Data Sync

  • We sync with Xero once a day automatically.
  • If you want to sync with Xero manually, click on the user icon on the top right. Click on Accounts > Sync with Xero. It will sync in real-time.

Disconnect from Xero

  • To disconnect your Xero connection, go to your Accounts page and click Disconnect from Xero.
  • You can also disconnect your Xero connection from your Xero account.