Control your startup’s financial future.
Without spreadsheets.

Pry makes it simple for companies to manage their budget, hiring plan, financial models, and cash runway.

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Trusted by savvy portfolio companies.
Why Pry?

Strategic Financial Planning. Simplified.

Pry fits into your existing stack to amplify your financial forecasting power and accuracy. Get set up in minutes just by connecting your bank accounts.

Who uses pry?

Pry is for anyone who cares about transparent finances.


Streamline your financial forecasting.

Lead the way confidently while sparing time and resources. Pry manages your company’s burn rate automatically.


Manage financial plans with your clients.

Stay ahead with Pry’s sophisticated financial modeling tech. Your team can collaborate in real-time using simple, modern accounting workflows that eliminate human error.


Masterfully predict outcomes for your investments.

Managing your portfolio is easier than ever. Pry standardizes financial forecasts from any period and makes it a pleasure to review burn rate, revenue models, and assumptions.

How Pry works

One platform to strategically manage your finances.

Cash Runway Forecasting

Manage your cash runway like a finance professional—to automatic perfection.

Budget Vs. Actuals

Connect your accounts to see your actuals updated automatically and compare them with your budget side by side.

Customizable Models

See every potential outcome in an intuitive, powerful environment.

Hiring Plan

Collaborate with company leaders to build your dream team.

Benefits of Pry

Real-time collaboration

Invite staff and CPAs alike to work from a single source of truth. Your data is always up-to-the-moment current.

Zoom in and out

Pry's intuitive interface makes it easy to drill down into journal entry data from a birds-eye view.

Save time & money

Instantly spot and adjust over- and under-spending, saving hours on review. Pry’s models automatically factor in every detail, and scale as your business grows.

Forecast flexibility

Pry’s formulas let you build any kind of revenue model. Don’t have one? Start with our pre-built templates and customize.

Real-world formulas

Our formulas don’t require expert analysis. Our inputs and metrics are easy for anyone to understand.

Integrated best practices

Pry users benefit from our built-in best practices, refined over years of experience in the field (and we’re improving them daily).

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    Predictive Analysis with Machine Learning
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    Branching & Scenarios
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    Automated Investment Scoring

There's more to come.

At Pry, we’re constantly listening and building new features to give you greater control over your financial future.

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