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After years of struggling in Excel and messy spreadsheets, I decided to build a similar model in Pry and turns out my cash runway was better than I expected! I even saved $15k from catching an overpayment of taxes with Pry's model.

Chris WallisFounder & CEO @

Pry simplifies complex financial information into easily digestible insights like our runway calculation. In addition to financial planning, we also do our bookkeeping on Pry and it has become our single source of truth for our finances.

Ansel ParikhCo-founder @ Finch

Pry has allowed us to move super quickly during YC. It's so easy to see exactly how a new expense or hire will affect our runway, while also planning for different growth scenarios. Pry gives me the insight to know how much we need, when, and where to put it.

Adam AlpertFounder & CEO @ (YC W21)

The leaders at Pry care that their clients are not just satisfied with their product but are ravings fans. Pry’s [Forecasting] tool, Hiring Plan and Modeling Tools have really helped us plan for a successful year and knowing that it seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks, we are assured the modeling is correct.

Lynette CoverlyFounder & CEO @ CoverlyPro
Pry financial report interface showing bank balance, income vs. expense, runway and top expenses

A better way to manage your business finances.

Pry makes it easy to:

  • Track and categorize revenue and costs.
  • Review profit & loss and balance sheet.
  • Build a financial plan to hit Series A/B/C.
  • Add metrics to investor updates.
  • Always know your runway.
  • Make decisions around hiring.
  • Forecast anything with custom formulas.
  • Understand your unit economics.

Pry has everything you need to ditch your spreadsheets today.