Pricing that doesn't scale.

Basic Plan

For businesses spending less than $100,000/mo.


or $500/yr

Premium Plan

For businesses spending more than $100,000/mo.


or $1000/yr

Want help setting up? We can migrate your plan from Excel or build your financial plan from scratch for a one-time $500 fee.

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What’s Included in Pry.

Forecast new hires icon showing three people
Plan your hires. Forecast new hires driven by models. Keep Track of existing hires with data from your HR & payroll tools.
Custom financial models built with formulas icon with flow diagram
Build models. Forecast financials based on real-world situations with actual data.
Custom financial statements and reports icon with ruler and pencil
Create custom reports. Flexible custom reports for all types of businesses.
Accounting and bookkeeping automation for small business icon showing a spreadsheet
Automate accounting. Classify transactions, group vendor entries, and take control of your chart of accounts.
Financial scenario planning for business icon showing a comparison diagram
Scenario planning. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Adjust accordingly.
Integration with accounting software, payroll software and banking software icon showing a connected grid
Integrate with existing tools. Get your data into Pry faster than it takes to install excel.
Custom KPI dashboard built with actual data icon showing a dashboard
Build custom dashboards. High level stats to help you make sense of what’s happening at your company.
Financial and business intelligence collaboration icon showing connected people
Everyone on the same page. Share or embed your dashboard to key stakeholders.
Expense tracking with budgeted items against actual transactions icon showing a comparison diagram
Track planned vs actuals. Budget for expenses and instantly spot and adjust over- and under-spending.

Why do I have to connect my Quickbooks, Xero, or US Banks to use Pry?

We believe that a good financial plan must be connected to real time financial data to be useful over time. During Beta we will be adding support for more data sources.

If I have an accountant, can I use Pry?

Yes, as long as your accountant keeps your finances organized on Quickbooks Online or Xero. You can also invite your accountant to collaborate directly on Pry.

Do I need Quickbooks or Xero to use Pry?

No, you can connect your banks and do your bookkeeping directly on Pry. Clients typically start with Pry and move to Pry + Quickbooks/Xero once they are ready for an accountant.

I am not a Founder, can I still use Pry?

Do you want to ditch Excel and build a financial plan in minutes instead of months? If so, yes. Pry was built for our Founders, but we are also recommended by CFOs, CPAs, business analysts, bookkeepers, office managers, and investors.

Is this product going to stay around?

Pry was founded in silicon valley two years ago. We are a small remote team dedicated to keeping Pry running. One of our founders, Andy started a company in 2009. It is still around. We also export to google sheets.