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Models Formula Reference / Time Variable

Time Variable

The time variables refer to the variables next to each of the inputs and formulas

Preview Month [x]

The "x" time variable refers to the current month of the model. You can also reference the future or past months by using x+(n) or x-(n) as used in the Account Balance financial report function.

Current Month [c]

The "c" time variable refers to the current month as of today.

For this example, we are referencing the current month's Revenue Subscription, but we can also use c+(n) or c-(n) to reference the future or past month's Revenue Subscription.

Here we were able to reference the next month's expected Revenue Subscription by using the c+1 time variable.

Year to Date [ytd]

The "ytd" time variable means "year to date." Similar to the Range function, this ytd time variable will also display "Multiple Values."

In this example, we utilized the ytd time variable to reference each month's revenue subscription from January 2021 to September 2021 and then used the Average function to find the Average Revenue within this timeframe.

You can adjust for Fiscal Years on the YTD time variable by adding a number {2-12}. For example, if your fiscal year ends in June 30th, use ytd7 to calculate year to date values starting from July.