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Getting Started / Setup


Company Name and Domain

After registering a new account, you can set your company name and domain. This can be updated later on the Settings page. Click Save & Continue to proceed to import your accounting data.

Import Accounting Data

Pry requests API access from QuickBooks Online or Xero. Our API is a secure connection that doesn't share password data and can be revoked at anytime via the QuickBooks or Xero platforms.

QuickBooks Online

If your accounting is done on QuickBooks Online, click "Sync with QuickBooks" and sign in to your QBO account. See more info on our QuickBooks Online integration page.


If your accounting is done on Xero, click "Sync with Xero" and log in to your Xero account. See more info on our Xero integration page.

Once your account is connected, Pry will sync with your General Ledger. Your chart of accounts and transactions will be synced over to Pry.

It's a one-way sync from QBO/Xero to Pry; Pry does not revert any changes back to QBO/Xero. This ensures that your accounting data on QBO/Xero will not be impacted by the changes done on Pry.

Import Bank Data (Bookkeeping on Pry)

If you don't have an accounting system, you can still use Pry to its full potential. Pry has everything you need to manage your bookkeeping on a cash basis accounting method.

Pry connects to your banking data through Plaid. We never store any of your credentials and have read-only access. See more info on our Banking Integrations page.


To connect to your banking data, click "Add Accounts" and select your bank account. Enter your credentials to sign. Once your account is connected, Pry will import your transactions onto the financial report.

If you have multiple bank accounts/credit cards, you can add all of them onto Pry. Click on the user icon on the top right > Accounts > Add Account to add the rest.

Skipping Setup

You can skip the setup if you're not ready to connect to your financial data. Click "Skip & Connect later" to bypass the Getting Started page to check out our features.

When you are ready, you can go back to the Getting Started page to connect your account.