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Models Formula Reference / If / Then / Else

If / Then / Else

This formula is useful if you want to set a condition and have 2 results: one if the result is true and the second if the result is false.


Condition Syntax

Use the following syntax to create condition statements:

Use Cases

Here are some examples on how to utilize the If / Then / Else statements.

Keeping Track of Actual Customers

In this example, we are using an if/then/else statement to keep our number of customers accurate with actual data and use it to forecast future customers. The "Actual Customers" is a list variable of our historical customers each month. This if/then/else statement is checking that if "Actual Customers" is greater than 0 in the current month, then use that value from the list for the formula "Customers" but if "Actual Customers" is equal to or less than 0, use the previous month's value for "Customers" plus the current month's expected value for "New Customers" minus the current month's expected value for "Churned Customers" to find the number expected customers in the month.

You can apply the same logic to keep track of your New Customers and Churned Customers

Utilizing Month Variable

In this example, we are using an If / Then / Else statement to track our expected customers after our product launch date. The "Month Value" is a prebuilt variable that outputs the current month and year. We created a date input for our product launch date and a number input for our expected number of new customers every month. Our if/then/else statement is checking if the current month is or after the "Product Launch Date", then use the value of "Monthly New Customers" but if the current month is before the the "Product Launch Date" then use 0 since we wouldn't have any customers before we launch our product.