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Getting Started / Demo Account

Demo Account

If you want to see Pry in action before you connect your financial data, you can access our fully-built demo account. Our demo account(ACME) has a financial plan built with budgets, hiring plan, financial models, scenarios, and custom dashboard.

Accessing the Demo Account

You can access the the demo account(ACME) on the Get Started. Click View Demo Account to see Pry in action.

Things to Note on the Demo Account

  • You can make edits to the budgets and forecasts directly on the demo account.
  • You cannot add/remove data sources on the Accounts page.
  • You cannot import payroll on the Hiring Plan page.
  • Any edits will be cleared after a week.
  • Demo data is automatically updated every month to stay current.
  • Billing option is disabled on the demo account.