Pre-seed Stage Companies

You’re not a finance expert (yet). And that’s okay.

Founders are innovators and experts in their fields. But finances and spreadsheet formulas? They’re a mess. Time to get some clarity.

Expert tool for pre-seed stage founders

Pry untangles finances for early-stage startups. We’ll help you ramp up your financial situation and keep everything orderly and in clear view.

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    Figure out how you’ll turn a profit

    Investors are interested in you as a creator, not an accountant. So don’t get too fancy with long-term financial modeling while you’re still in the pre-seed stage—just build a financial plan to prove your business works. Pry’s Financial Projections help you quickly forecast budget, cashflow, and how much runway you have left.

    Easily prepare a profit and loss (P&L) statement

    Your primary goal is to make a profit, and a P&L statement will give you a better picture of how to get there. Don’t worry. You don’t have to learn this alone. Pry keeps you up-to-date on income, expenses, and the taxes you’ll pay with a live bank connection.

    Gut check growth with key metrics

    Don’t make decisions based on gut feelings. Dashboards help startups grow by defining and visualizing key performance indicators (KPIs). KPI Dashboards at Pry use real-time data to provide charts like forecasts vs. actuals, what-if analysis, and more.

    Get peace of mind for as little as $50/mo

    Now that you’re managing money with lots of zeros, it’s time to start using a professional financial tool. But that doesn’t mean it has to take a big bite out of your budget. Pry offers an affordable solution to founders looking for help managing other people’s money. Our Solo plan starts at $50/month.

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    Create a hiring plan now

    Proactive recruitment is crucial because each new hire adds to your bottom line—or not.

    Estimate headcount costs, growth, and how much funding you’ll need with Pry’s Hiring Plan.

    • Plan annually or by the hour
    • Organize by department as your company grows
    • Automatically include payroll tax, benefits, and other overhead

    Save time with bank and accounting integrations

    You need to focus on building a product that adds value for your customer. Pry easily integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, and thousands of U.S. banks and credit cards. That way, you can know your income and expenses without tedious bookkeeping.