Profitable in 21 months
$1.46M Capital Needed
$3M in revenue at 3.8 years

What is this?

This tool is used to show how growth rate affects the amount of capital needed in order to reach profitability. Use this tool to answer these questions:

  • Is my startup Default Alive or Default Dead?
  • How fast should my startup grow?
  • How much money do we need to raise to reach profitability?
  • What is the maximum that I can spend per month?

Is my startup Default Alive or Default Dead?

Assuming your expenses remain constant and your revenue growth is what it has been over the last several months, do you make it to profitability on the money you have left? Or to put it more dramatically, by default do you live or die?

  1. Enter bank balance
  2. Enter your expenses in the input box or slide the expense handle.
  3. Something else