Scenario Planning

Move quickly and plan things

Plan for different outcomes and be prepared for anything.

Pry scenario planning showing scenario drop-down on financials page

Sometimes, one plan isn't enough

Experienced founders know to hope for the best but plan for the worst. With Pry, you can plan for both and switch between them with the flip of a switch.

  • Fundraising Scenarios
  • Conservative vs Aggressive plans
  • Financial plan sandbox
  • Test new revenue models
  • Hiring plan proposals
  • What-if scenarios

Scenario Planning

Fundraising Scenarios

Build a different scenario depending on how much capital is raised.

  • 18+ months forward looking financials
  • Easily adjust funding amount and timing
  • Decide on how much to raise
Pry scenario planning showing available balance line chart with all branches enabled

Conservative vs Aggressive Scenarios

Have your aggressive and conservative scenarios available so you can react quickly to new developments.

  • A conservative scenario is your early warning system
  • Keep the company operating between the lines
Pry scenario planning showing revenue line chart with all branches enabled

Financial projection sandbox

Change inputs and assumptions in temporary scenarios and have peace of mind that your main financials will never be affected.

  • Use the sandbox for sensitivity analysis
  • Transparency around key assumptions
  • Test your business strategies
Pry scenario planning showing scenarios drop-down on financials page

What-If Scenarios

Use pre-built inputs from your financial models to create what-if scenarios in seconds. Optimize your business with Pry.

  • Easily compare scenarios
  • Test different assumptions
  • Setup in minutes
Pry scenario planning showing dashboard with scenarios added

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