Hiring Plan

Make informed hiring decisions

Use Pry to understand how new hires will impact runway.

Pry hiring plan showing employee roles and salaries and headcount chart

Build your A team

Never be surprised by payroll costs. Forecast hires on Pry and control your startup's financial future.

  • Sync with payroll
  • Tag by department
  • Supports full-time, part-time, or contractors
  • Automatic payroll taxes and benefits costs
  • Assumption-based hiring
  • Customize per hire costs

Connect to your payroll

Connect to your payroll software to create a hiring plan from existing employees. Organize your employees by department so you can easily understand your cost of revenue, cost of sales, and other key business metrics.

Pry hiring plan integrations with payroll service providers

Build your company

Planning for new hires is simple on Pry. No need to fuss with custom formulas or pivot tables. Gone are the days of sharing spreadsheets via email. Collaborate together on Pry.

  • Tag by department
  • Forecast hires by custom formulas
  • Customize per headcount costs
Pry hiring plan showing how to add new hires or departments

Hiring Plan with Financial Modeling

Use hiring plan with financial modeling to build a hiring plan that scales as the business grows.

Pry hiring plan showing formulas to forecast for employee benefits costs
Customize per hire costs

Pry's hiring plan works well with formulas so you can add equipment, benefits, 401k or other per hire costs.

Pry hiring plan showing formula to forecast for new hire equipment costs
Assumption-based hiring

Pry lets you use a formula to determine when and how many hires to make. You can project things like "hire 1 customer success rep per 50 customers".

Pry hiring plan showing formulas to plan for new hires based on revenue or customer goals

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