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Financial Projections

Build a financial plan you can trust

Replace unreliable spreadsheet templates with accurate financial forecasting.

Charts showing runway, MRR, and bank balances

Replace Excel with a purpose-built tool for financial modeling.

Stop paying for makeshift spreadsheet templates or financial analysts to manage the most important part of your business. Pry is a dedicated tool designed for founders to build an accurate, up-to-date financial plan.

  • Simple budgets
  • 5-year projections
  • Synced with bank accounts
  • Hiring plan
  • Scenario planning
  • Synced with payroll
  • Financial modeling
  • Balance sheet projections

Your business metrics in one place

See your real-time cash balance and runway forecasts anytime on Pry.

Transparent Financials

  • Cashflow forecasts
  • Monthly burn-rate
  • Real-time runway calculations
Pry financial report showing transparent financials with bank balance, income vs expenses, runway, and top expenses chart.

Month over Month Breakdowns

  • Fully customizable categories
  • Tag by departments, projects, and more
  • Zoom in to view transactions
Pry budgets vs actuals showing month over month breakdowns

Simple Budgets

Create budgets by vendor or category in seconds.

Forecast one-time or recurring fixed costs

Get granular with your forecasts using simple one-time or recurring budgets.

Pry simple budget showing create simple budget entry
Rolling 3 months average

Automatically update future budgets based off of the average of your recent past spend

Pry simple budget showing create average budget entry

Hiring Plan

Use an intuitive interface to plan for your key hires. Pry will automatically forecast hires as a monthly cost for you.

  • Plan annually or by the hour
  • Organized by departments
  • Automatically include payroll tax, benefits, and other overhead
Pry hiring plan showing employee roles & salaries and headcount chart.

Financial Modeling

Use custom formulas to forecast anything. Build a revenue model that's easy to understand.

  • Time series formulas
  • Reference real-time data
  • Fully customizable variables
Pry financial modeling with inputs, formulas, outputs, and tableview

Forecast Financial Statements

3-way Forecast

  • Track revenue and expenses
  • Customizable chart of accounts
  • Forecast budgets in your chart of accounts
Pry 3-way forecast with profit & loss, balance sheet, and cashflow projections

Accounting Integrations

Connect with accounting and payroll providers to get started quickly. Once connected, Pry will keep your financial reports and dashboard up to date automatically. Don’t have an accounting solution? Check out Pry for bookkeeping.

Pry's accounting & banking integrations

Finance is easy with Pry. Check out what else we have to offer.

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