Financial Planning for Startups

Pry replaces pro forma financials for pre-seed to Series B companies.

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Over 300 companies trust Pry Financials.

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See how Pry works

Pry replaces pro forma spreadsheets. Over 300 Founders of seed to series B companies use Pry to track runway and make key financial decisions.

We help AbstractOps customers level up their finances.

We even use Pry in our exec meetings. Our small team will log in to look at our metrics in real-time. It’s easy enough to add potential hires like six extra engineers or two execs with big salaries. Pry might tell us that actually makes no difference whatsoever to our runway. So we should obviously hire them. We can make the decision quickly, and move on.

James HawkinsCEO / Co-Founder @ PostHog

Pry simplifies complex financial information into easily digestible insights like our runway calculation. In addition to financial planning, we also do our bookkeeping on Pry and it has become our single source of truth for our finances.

Ansel ParikhCo-founder @ Finch

Pry has allowed us to move super quickly during YC. It's so easy to see exactly how a new expense or hire will affect our runway, while also planning for different growth scenarios. Pry gives me the insight to know how much we need, when, and where to put it.

Adam AlpertFounder & CEO @ Pangea.app

Pry has everything you need to level up the way you run your business.