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Bookkeeping / Vendors


You should create a vendor group especially if you have more than one transaction under the same vendor. Plus, managing dozens of vendors is better than managing hundreds/thousands of individual transactions.

Creating and managing vendors

To create a vendor, click on the cell and right click on the transaction entry. Click "Create Vendor". Enter a Vendor Group Name and click "Create Vendor Group".

Now, all entries that match the keyword for that vendor will automatically be grouped under that vendor.

To edit or delete a vendor group, right click on the entry.

Why use Vendors

  • Convenient - if you have a lot of transactions volume under the same vendor, it's cleaner to group them together under the vendor.
  • Useful - Instead of filtering the keyword and categorizing multiple transactions, you can drag & drop the vendor group to a new category account and categorize all of its transactions at the same time.
  • Budget vs actuals - on the entry list, you can quickly compare how much you've spent vs budgeted for the vendor.