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Slack Integration


Want to share the critical KPIs with your team without going through the hassle of checking the dashboards and writing the message every time? Connect Pry Webhook to a Slack channel, pick the information for sharing, and let Pry make these daily announcements for you. With our Slack integration, you can have essential metrics and financial summaries automatically pushed to you and your team in memo-styled snippets in a Slack channel.

Creating a New Slack App

You will need a new Slack App to generate a Pry Webhook URL for this integration. Here is how you can set it up:

1. Go to Slack API: and click on "Create an App". On the "Create an app" pop-up, you will see the option "From scratch" and go ahead select that option.

2. Give your new Slack App a name (e.g., Pry Webhook) under "App Name" and pick a workspace you want Pry integrated into under the "Pick a workspace to develop your app in" dropdown. Then click "Create App".

3. On your new app page, click on "Incoming Webhooks" under "Features on the left-hand side. Then switch on the "Activate Incoming Webhooks" toggle to generate your Webhook URL.

4. Activate the Webhook URL by adding a Slack channel. Click "Add New Webhook to Workspace" at the bottom of the page, select a Slack channel you want to see these Pry daily metrics updates in and click "Allow".

5. Now, the Webhook URL is activated and generated for you under "Webhook URL" at the bottom of the page. Click on "Copy". Next, check the Slack channel you just connected, and you will see a message saying, "added an integration to this channel: [your Slack App name]".

6. You are ready to integrate Pry with Slack.

Connecting to Slack

Connect Pry Webhook

Once you have the new Slack app's URL copied, go to your Pry account's Settings page by clicking your profile icon on the top right corner of your Pry page and selecting "Settings" from the dropdown. Then, on the Organization Settings panel on the left-hand side, expand your workspace and select "Experimental". Then, in the second box from the top of the page, "Webhook Integration", paste in the copied Slack app URL.

Let's test if this URL is valid. Hit the "+ Test & Enable" button. If the connection is successful, you will see this message in the Slack channel you just linked: "Greetings from Pry Financials!" And "Notification Groups" section will appear under the current section.

Configure Pry Notifications

After you connect Pry Webhook to the desired Slack channel, it is time to configure the metrics updates from Pry.

Click on "+ Add Notification Group" under "Notification Groups". Rename this notification group by clicking on "New Notification Group". You can set as many notification groups as you see fit (e.g., one for Financials Updates, one for growth KPIs, one for retention KPIs, etc.) Then, click on the blue "+" icon under the newly created notification group to add items for the notification.

Currently, you can only select items from models you have built in Pry. If you want to add Financial Report items to the selection, then create new formulas and reference to Account balances.

Test Notifications

Send a test notification to the Slack channel to see what your daily notification will look like. Click "Send Test Notification" above the "Notification Group" box and check the Slack channel.

Make adjustments to the configuration if needed, and sit back and enjoy the time this integration saves you every day!

Use Case Example

Say you are running a B2C SaaS company, your MRR could potentially fluctuate quite a bit from one day to the next. And you would like your team to keep an eye on the daily changes to see how they align with the Sales and Marketing efforts and feature updates and launches.

You can link Pry into this Slack discussion channel to push the MRR along with other SaaS metrics updates daily. So the person on your team, whose responsibility is writing a short memo of the daily changes, can devote the time they used to type up the note to look into the causes for the changes. And by replacing the manual memo with the automated notification, your team can also eliminate human errors.